About us

Quality of Life

We’re all individuals

Thorndene strongly believes that everyone should have the freedom to choose how they want to receive care and support, providing opportunities to live life as fully and independently as possible.

Ours isn’t a formulaic approach to care. It’s much more personal than that. Ours is a philosophy of person centered planning and provides a holistic approach, to support individuals in their health, well-being and social needs.

Every resident has a Key Worker and Co-Key Worker who are responsible for their day to day life.

Health and well-being

Everyone is registered at the local General Practitioner, just down the road at Hawkinge Village.

Our staff facilitate all medical support with professional consultants where needed. For example, consultations for optician, dental, Iridology, tai chi, osteopathy, aromatherapy and more.

Elizabeth with Debra in the living room

The location

The Thorndene site. Minnis Beeches (left) and the main building to the right.

Thorndene, situated 3 miles north of Folkestone, comprises a main collection of buildings where residents live, including dining room, sitting room, sunny conservatory and day room.

The kitchen, office and several ground floor residential suites are within easy access.

In the grounds, are the new pavilion buildings for theatrical and musical rehersals and performances and the activities centre, with their own facilities.

The other main building, is Minnis Beeches, our supported living house, currently with 4 residents.

Elsewhere, there are other amenity and grounds buildings and plenty of car parking.


Limelight and the Pavilion

‘Limelight’ is a multifunction theatre, cinema, dance area and singing facility. So there is always something going on, like drama lessons and concerts.

Our new Pavilion, provides arts and crafts, gardening skills, life skills classes, computer skills, environmental studies and speaking up groups.

Both facilities are led by our certified educational instructors Bob and Nina. We provide evening classes with Tina that include gentle exercises and an evening social club.

We also have a separate clubhouse on site with a pool table and karaoke machine.


A Limelight production rehearsal.

Thorndene’s history

Thorndene, with its adjoining coach house, was built in 1844. In 1992 it was purchased by a group of parents, who wished to provide a better alternative to the long term care that was available at the time. They wished to play an active part in ensuring their relatives’ future and wanted to provide a high quality environment.

Since that time Thorndene has continuously evolved in both the home and the service provided, to continue to ensure the best environment and the best care and support for those who live here. Supported living was introduced a few years ago and is now being expanded.

The Pavillion, is a purpose-built day-care facility which can be used by those who live at Thorndene and those who use our supported living services. Providing drama, arts, crafts and other activities, it was introduced recently to promote independence and personal growth.