Main house care

Care with dignity

A relaxed and inclusive approach in the Main house ensures a lot of smiling faces and that includes our staff!

All our residents have very specific needs and each day presents a new opportunity for good living. Our staff are listening and watching all the time for what can be achieved to make a better life and to encourage development.

Where possible, our residents are making day to day decisions about how they live their lives. Our philosophy supports as much independence as possible.



Matthew and Kim, enjoying a coffee and a chat.

Food and nutrition

Julie our chef, prepares a salad.

A balanced diet is an essential part of a healthy life. Thorndene provides this as a matter of course.

Our menus are tailored on an individual basis in the main house, ensuring a nutritional and healthy balance whilst providing choice.

Mealtimes are enoyed together where possible and are a great social time for friendship and conversation.